Attendance Days

Impressions & insights into the practical training of the program

With a foreseeable increase in the need for periodontal treatment and in the context of co-treatment of patients with general medical diseases, qualified periodontal training is essential. At the Clinic for Restorative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen a professionally sound, structured education that fulfils all aspects of a modern and future-oriented postgraduate training is possible.

Dynamic & Motivating Atmosphere

Besides digital teaching and learning, dental simulation trainings take place. In a modern exercise laboratory, the AIXTRA dental, our students get the chance to train and optimize their clinical and practical skills. During their practical training in the simulation laboratory, the students do not only profit from different models and dummies they can work on, but also from the professional, stimulating surrounding. The combination of professional equipment, close interaction and face-to-face advice from the lecturers and fellow students, creates excellent technical and social prerequisites to deepen knowledge in periodontics and train patient-oriented treatment measures.

Close mentoring and support by lecturers

Professional Equipment

For the practical training parts, rooms with phantom heads are available for practicing periodontal treatment routines. In addition, periodontal surgical techniques such as covering gingival recessions, flap preparations or suture techniques are practiced using porcine jaws. For this purpose, specially equipped rooms are also available, which offer participants the opportunity to work in small groups and ensure proximity to the lecturers. Immediately adjacent seminar rooms are used for preparation as well as follow-up and discussion of the learning content. The integration of study rooms into the medical environment and the infrastructure of the University Hospital also provides good conditions for participation in clinical treatment cases in the Department of Periodontology.

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