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Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Periodontology

In cooperation with the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University and the Clinic for Dental Conservation, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry of the University Hospital Aachen, RWTH International Academy offers the postgraduate master program
M. Sc. Periodontology. Scientific director of the program is Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. dent. Andreas Braun, Director of the Clinic for Dental Conservation, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry of the University Hospital Aachen.

The course offers dentists the opportunity to become highly qualified specialists in the area of periodontology.

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Program Structure

A Blended-learning concept, which incorporates digital teaching & learning with short attendance blocks, enables participants to receive the highest level of academic and practical training whilst limiting time away from home & work.

The master program includes 8 modules over one year. Each module includes live online-seminars and two days of hands-on training & lectures in Aachen, Germany. The attendance days are organised in blocks. In order to optimally integrate this master’s degree into your work routine, each module is supported by digital teaching and learning content that can be accessed at flexible times. The last semester is dedicated to the preparation and compilation of a master thesis on a periodontal disease related topic & a clinical case review.

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The participants will learn which factors contribute to the development and progression of periodontitis. They will understand the weighting of these factors and whether or how these factors can be successfully influenced. The participants will learn that age, certain general diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus, obesity/metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic kidney diseases, pneumonia, COPD, premature birth) and drugs (e.g. antiresorptive drugs, biologicals, angiogenesis inhibitors) have an influence on the periodontium.

They will also learn that periodontitis contributes to the development and progression of such diseases. In addition, they will learn the consequences of the interaction between periodontal and systemic diseases for the diagnosis, prevention, therapy and aftercare of periodontal diseases.

Prof. Dr. Georg Conrads / Prof. Dr. James Deschner

The participants are taught a systematic structure of a periodontal treatment concept. The Aachen Periodontal Therapy Concept (APTC) serves as the basis for an individual concept that each participant can implement considering his or her individual practice conditions. The basis is a diagnosis based on the current classification of periodontal diseases, which then determines the therapy sections “initial therapy”, “non-surgical therapy”, “surgical therapy” and “supportive therapy”.

In this module, the possibilities of non-surgical therapy are to be compared and practiced in practical exercises. In addition to the classical instrumentation, alternative possibilities such as the use of sound/ultrasound systems and laser instrumentation will be discussed. Adjuvant procedures as well as drug therapy approaches are also in focus.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Felix Krause / Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun

Periodontal flap surgery with osseous recontouring for the treatment of moderate periodontitis with need for elongation of clinical crowns to enhance dentistry in non-aesthetic areas. Surgical management of soft tissue and bone as prerequisite for implant surgery. Full thickness and split flap preparation, resective bone surgery and suturing.

Prof. Dr. Jamal Stein / Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun

Surgical techniques including precise cutting and various options of periodontal surgical techniques and suturing techniques, ultrasonic-based therapy options, soft tissue management, techniques for recession coverage, management of high-risk patients, aftercare after surgery, practical exercises on jaw models

Prof. Dr. Jamal Stein / Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun

The Aesthetics, Function and Emergency Management module provides an overview of the possibility of aesthetic corrections of gum, tooth and bone structures. It provides a view beyond pure surgery to modern aesthetic restorations based on the latest composite and ceramic restoration materials and computer-aided methods. In addition, the function of the cranio-mandibular system is also the focus of attention. Here, disorders, effects and therapeutic approaches to occlusion and articulation are mediated.

The module is rounded off by an emergency course, which covers both dento-alveolar and general emergencies in practice. Here theoretical and practical content is taught beyond the actual field of periodontology in order to provide the student with further training in general, too.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Felix Krause / Dr. Johannes-Simon Wenzler

This module focusses on three mayor topics in the systematic treatment of periodontal disease: the maintenance phase after surgical or non-surgical treatment, the prevention on peri-implantitis subsequent to this, and thirdly the use of Digital Volume Tomography as a tool for diagnosis and treatment planning.  This module is designed to practice treatment strategies for the detection and prevention of periodontal and/or peri-implant inflammation. In addition, methods to motivate the patient and ways to increase the self-perception of a periodontally compromised patient will be discussed.

The course on digital volume tomography allows the participants to expand their radiological diagnostics, which can be used not only for the assessment of periodontal structures but also for planning the placement of dental implants.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun / Priv.-Doz. Dr. Jörg Neugebauer

Implant therapy in general, also considering possible previous periodontal damage. Implant prosthetics and post-implant therapy. Anatomy of implant-relevant structures. Pretreatment by bone augmentation. Overview of different replacement materials and their indications. Soft tissue management and 3D planning. Another focus is the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of peri-implantitis.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolfart

The Lasers in Periodontal Therapy module focuses on the application of various lasers in periodontal therapy. The physical basics of lasers are taught as well as the correct application of the different systems. Laser-based therapy approaches range from diagnostics, calculus and concrement removal, bacterial disinfection to soft tissue surgery. Theoretical contents will be taught, clinical indications discussed and practical application demonstrated.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht / Dr. Johannes-Simon Wenzler

Preparation and compilation of a master thesis on a periodontal disease related topic. The student is required to undertake a research project, to be written up in the form of a thesis on a topic related to the prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontium

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