Module 3

Regenerative and Resective Therapy Approaches

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Treatment planning, basics of surgical therapy of periodontitis using regenerative and resective techniques and plastic periodontal surgery

The participants are taught basic principles, timing and decision making in periodontal flap surgery and its integration in a synoptic treatment concept. In Part A regenerative and resective measures for the surgical treatment of periodontitis will be conveyed in theory and hands-on exercises. In Part B all important aspects of plastic periodontal surgery including modern techniques of coverage of singular and multiple recession coverage and peri-implant soft tissue management will be taught with theoretical basics and practical exercises.

Prof. Dr. Jamal M. Stein
Prof. Dr. Jamal M. Stein

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In Part A of this module basic principles of periodontal surgery, timing and decision-making processes will be conveyed. Further, regenerative and resective measures for the surgical treatment of periodontitis will be taught in theory and practice with hands-on exercises. Participants will get to know differential indications for different flap designs for the surgical (regenerative versus resective) therapy of periodontitis. Risk evaluation, post-operative care, long-term results and limitations of surgical treatments of periodontitis will be important parts of this module.

In Part B all important aspects of plastic periodontal surgery including etiology, risk factors, classification, prognosis and treatment of periodontal recessions will be conveyed. Thereby, different modern techniques including (modified) coronally advanced or lateral sliding flaps, tunneling approaches, connective tissue grafts and soft tissue replacement materials as well as the application of biologic factors will be part of this topic. Moreover, knowledge about options of increasing the width of attached keratinized gingiva using free gingival grafts versus replacement materials will be discussed. The most important techniques for recession coverage and augmentation of width of the attached gingiva will also be performed in hands on exercises.

By attending this module, participants will get the opportunity to understand when, why and with which techniques of periodontal surgery can or should be used in patients with advanced periodontitis. Further, attendees will learn indications, limitations and step-by-step procedures of the most important mucogingival surgical procedures.

By conducting hands-on exercises students will be able to obtain skills to self-perform regenerative, resective and plastic periodontal procedures. With the knowledge gained in this module, participants will get the possibility to treat severe forms of periodontitis, in which non-surgical therapy is insufficient and should be complemented by surgical therapy, and to establish concepts for esthetic improvements in dentistry with the use of procedures for soft tissue augmentation at teeth and implants.

For attendees of the MSc. study program Periodontology it is essential to acquire the competence to treat patients with severe periodontitis with using different measures for periodontal surgery. Without the capability to perform surgical treatments of periodontitis resolution of periodontitis defects cannot be achieved in all patients. Further, it is important to have the ability of recognizing and treating mucogingival problems. With the knowledge obtained in this module participants will be able to solve aesthetic problems at teeth and implants with lack of soft tissue.