Module 7

Implantology and Implant Prosthetics

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Implant therapy in general, also considering possible previous periodontal damage. Implant prosthetics and post-implant therapy. Anatomy of implant-relevant structures. Pretreatment by bone augmentation. Overview of different replacement materials and their indications. Soft tissue management and 3D planning. Another focus is the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of peri-implantitis.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolfart
Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolfart
Dr. med. dent. Taskin Tuna
Dr. med. dent. Taskin Tuna

What lecturers say about their module

The following topics will be prepared on the basis of literature, structured with the help of decision trees and presented in a practice-oriented way through many case studies:

  • Diagnostics for implant therapy planning
  • Basics of implant surgery
  • Implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Implants in a strongly reduced residual dentition
  • Implants in the edentulous jaw
  • Fixed restorations with focus on material selection and retention methods
  • Removable restorations with focus on telescopic crowns, bars and stud attachments

A periodontally damaged dentition ideally requires no implants at the beginning. However, as soon as the first teeth are lost, restoring chewing function and esthetics is a particular challenge. The appropriate use of implants and implant prosthetics is never easy in these patients, but always a challenge and requires special training.

Periodontitis is a disease that is often associated with tooth loss. The implant treatment of patients with periodontal damage is a particular challenge in many ways and is therefore given special attention in all topics of this module.