Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer

Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology

My name is Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer. I work in the Clinic for Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Ludwigshafen Municipal Hospital. Here I am about to become a specialist in internal medicine. Subsequently, I plan to acquire the additional title of Intensive Care Medicine and Specialist in Cardiology. I completed my doctorate in 2020 at the Center for Cardiology of the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. I have been working in clinical patient care for several years, especially in the field of cardiology, emergency medicine and intensive care. In a house of maximum care, I was also able to come into contact with some rare diseases and emergencies and gain experience in their management and therapy. I look forward to sharing with you the management of some important emergencies that may occur in periodontology and dental practice in general.  I am also delighted to be able to work with some of the outstanding lecturers in this field. I am sure that I too will be able to gain new experience in this Master’s programme.

Dr. Geyer


Module 5: Appearance, Adaption and Emergency Management

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