Module 4

Surgical Therapy and Perio-Restorative Concepts

Content of the module

Lecturers of this module

Surgical techniques including precise cutting and various options of periodontal surgical techniques and suturing techniques, ultrasonic-based therapy options, soft tissue management, techniques for recession coverage, management of high-risk patients, aftercare after surgery, practical exercises on jaw models.

Prof. Dr. Reiner Mengel
Prof. Dr. Reiner Mengel
Dr. Christian Hammächer
Dr. Christian Hammächer

What lecturers say about their module

In this module students are taught basic principles of Surgical Therapy as well as Perio-Restorative Concepts. Students learn how to apply techniques for coverage of singular recessions and multiple recessions.

After this module students know surgical techniques for periodontal surgery and how to identify and classify different recessions and mucogingival conditions. Above that they can

  • Present and apply techniques for recession coverage (singular and multiple recessions)
  • Define postoperative procedures and describe the healing process of tissues after periodontal surgery
  • Explain the influence of prosthetic restauration on the periodontium and the importance of strategic implants (incl. risks & therapy concepts)
  • Explain means for soft tissue and bone management precursory to implant surgery
  • Understand the indication for different preprosthetic periodontal procedures (crown lengthening, …)

In this module students are provided with important competencies:

  • Independently carry out recession coverage surgery in patients of their own practice
  • Propose a treatment plan for peri-implant soft tissue management and aftercare after surgery as well as the therapy of recurrences
  • Evaluate the need for aftercare after surgery in patients of their own practice
  • Manage the containment of inflammation and rehabilitation of the periodontium in patients
  • Find solutions for the treatment of high-risk patients, also by following emergency protocols
  • independently plan and implement the complex therapy options in periodontal and restorative therapy