Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h. c. Holger Jentsch


Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h. c. Holger Jentsch Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Holger Jentsch from Leipzig. Here I have been the head of the centre for periodontology for more than 20 years. I am now an emeritus for some months. I worked clinically and scientifically in different fields of periodontology, e. g. subgingival instrumentation with a broad spectrum of adjunctive procedures and substances like hyaluronic acid or antibiotics, relationship of nutrition and periodontal disease as well as regenerative therapy. Clinical and scientific work is ongoing, new scientific results can be expected. I have been a member [...]

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h. c. Holger Jentsch2023-12-18T12:58:11+01:00

Prof. Dr. med. dent Petra Ratka-Krüger


Prof. Dr. med. dent. Petra Ratka-Krüger Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology It is a pleasure for me to contribute my knowledge and have a professional exchange with you as participants. For more than 30 years I have been working as a periodontologist. First in the University of Frankfurt, School of  Dentistry, where I became the first accredited specialist of the German Society of Periodontology in 1993. Since 2007 I am the Head of the Section of Periodontology at the Department of Operative Dentistry and Periodontology at the University Medical Center in Freiburg. I am the scientific leader of the Postgraduate Study [...]

Prof. Dr. med. dent Petra Ratka-Krüger2023-05-23T10:55:44+02:00

Prof. Dr. med. dent Dirk Ziebholz


Prof. Dr. med. dent. Dirk Ziebholz Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Dirk Ziebolz. Since 2014, I am Associate Professor for Interdisciplinary Dentistry and Health Services Research of the Department of Cariology, Endodontology and Periodontology of the University of Leipzig. From 2008-2014, I was a scientific-dental assistant and following Associate Professor in the Division of Periodontology of the Department of Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology and Cariology of the University Medical Centre Goettingen. I obtained the Master Degree: “Master of Science in Periodontology and Implant therapy” in 2009 (DGParo). My clinical and scientific expertises are periodontology as well as oral and [...]

Prof. Dr. med. dent Dirk Ziebholz2022-11-14T16:35:28+01:00

Dr. med. dent Gerhard Schmalz


Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schmalz Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Gerhard Schmalz. I am working as a senior Physician at the Department of Cariology, Endodontology and Periodontology of Leipzig University. My primary working focus is the relationship between oral and systemic health, i.e. the oral health medicine. With my research and clinical work, I am aiming in an improvement of health care of generally diseased patients, especially focusing on patient perspective and quality of life. Curriculum Vitae Modules

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Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer


Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer. I work in the Clinic for Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Ludwigshafen Municipal Hospital. Here I am about to become a specialist in internal medicine. Subsequently, I plan to acquire the additional title of Intensive Care Medicine and Specialist in Cardiology. I completed my doctorate in 2020 at the Center for Cardiology of the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. I have been working in clinical patient care for several years, especially in the field of cardiology, emergency medicine and [...]

Dr. med. Florian F. Geyer2022-11-14T16:33:35+01:00

Dr. med. dent. Taskin Tuna


Dr. med. dent. Taskin Tuna Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Dr. Taskin Tuna and I am a senior physician at the Clinic for Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, Center for Implantology at the University Hospital Aachen (RWTH-Aachen). My main interests in clinical practice are in the areas of treatment planning and execution of complex prosthetic cases in combination with (guided) oral implantology and hard and soft tissue management. My research interests include surface analysis and modification of dental implants and implant prosthetic superstructures, as well as the topic of biological and technical complications. I look back on a wonderful 4 [...]

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PD Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister


PD Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology Since more than 30 years that lasers have been established in dentistry, the use of this technology shows its wide variety in the areas of diagnostics, like caries detection or in therapeutic applications such as endodontics, cavity preparation, soft tissue surgery and of course in periodontics. But the basic knowledge about this technology is the requirement for a successful laser treatment. My name is Jörg Meister, I am Physicist and the technical director of the "Center of Applied Medical Laser Research and Biomedical Optics (abbr. AMLaReBO)" at Bonn University. with [...]

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  • Prof. Andreas Braun

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. dent. Andreas Braun


Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. dent. Andreas Braun Scientific Director M.Sc. Periodontology My name is Andreas Braun. I am the Director and Chair of the Clinic for Operative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen. I am in charge of the Master’s program in Periodontology, which is offered by my clinic in cooperation with the RWTH International Academy under the umbrella of the Rhenish Westphalian Technical University, or RWTH Aachen for short. In addition, I also design individual modules of the course together with many renowned colleagues. I myself have been working in both the clinical and [...]

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Dr. med. dent. Stefan Grümer


Dr. med. dent. Stefan Grümer Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology Since 2012 Dr. Stefan Grümer is teaching as a scientific and academic co-worker for clinical laser applications at AALZ, Aachen Dental Education Center, RWTH Aachen University and as well is taking the duties of a clinical director of AICMed Aachen, Institute for Continuous Medical and Dental Education in Aachen, Germany in cooperation with AALZ and RWTH Aachen University. He has published in national and international dental journals in the fields of Periodontology, Laser dentistry, Implantology and CAD/CAM supported dentistry. You will meet him in module 8 'Lasers in Periodontal Therapy'. [...]

Dr. med. dent. Stefan Grümer2022-11-14T16:19:57+01:00
  • PD Dr. Felix Krause

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Felix Krause, MME


Prof. Dr. med. dent. Felix Krause, MME Lecturer M.Sc. Periodontology For many years and at several university locations, I have been enthusiastically involved in the education of students and dentists. My main focus is on teaching preventive dentistry, operative dentistry and periodontology. In doing so, I always try to emphasise that not only the knowledge of the theoretical background as well as dental skills are important for long-term tooth preservation, but also communication with the patient is crucial. I look forward to meeting you as a participant in this Master's programme in modules two and five! Curriculum Vitae [...]

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Felix Krause, MME2022-12-20T11:22:34+01:00